Monday, September 21, 2015

Property Investment: Exploring a Buyer's Perspective

Whether a person is using a VA home loan or conventional loan types, a real estate seller and broker must always look at the buyer's perspective in offering a property. Buyers have their own concerns that may break the deal if not dealt with accordingly. Several factors like the following are drawn out upon looking at their perspective.

Understanding What They Want

As investors, buyers will spend money on the properties. They wish that property sellers and brokers won't sell them properties that don't meet their standards, timeline, financial constraints, and other concerns. They prefer sellers who spend time understanding what they want and hearing out their preferences. Understanding their needs not only increases the chance of closing a deal, but also establishes trust to sellers.

Looking at the Cons

Buyers know that sellers want to close the deal as soon as possible. They will then brag about the house and its amazing features. Buyers do appreciate the good things about the house, but they prefer hearing about the downsides as well. They want complete transparency and disclosure about the house before spending their hard-earned money and loans that they are about to pay in the future. A seller informing buyers about what they need to know about the house, positive or not, makes buyers more confident about their investment.

No Surprises
No one's in for surprises, especially if it involves money-matters. Buyers, particularly a first time home buyer, would want to know about possible fees to incur in buying a house. Aside from simply knowing about these fees, they must also understand what the fees are for to avoid being surprised about them on closing. This allows buyers to set their expectations on the property and finances.

Working with a Professional, but Approachable Brokers

Nothing beats professionalism when it comes to any transaction. Buyers want to be treated professionally by a seller or broker, ensuring effective communication in between parties. Being approachable is also another characteristics buyers look for in a seller. A buyer may have questions about the house or other requests before closing the deal. They want to express their thoughts and opinions about the house, which is easy as long as they negotiate with an approachable, professional broker.

Easy Trusted Professional Referrals

Prospect buyers need to work with other professionals apart from brokers. Being less experienced in the field, they wish sellers would refer them to other professionals who will work on the property to buy. Professionals include appraisers, contractors, lawyers and others. They also expect that brokers will refer trustworthy professionals that have their benefit in mind.

No Pressure

Finally, a buyer doesn't want to be pressured to buy a house. For some, a house may be their only investment and they wish to look around for more options first before settling with a property. They don't want sellers to pressure them to buy their offers nor keep them from checking other offers.

Mortgage lenders and real estate brokers must have buyers' concerns in mind. These points allow them to understand buyers and offer them properties according to their investment needs.


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